Can you say “CHEEEEESE!”?

Smile. It’s just that simple. Simply smile. Oh you need help? Here, do it like this: spread your lips across your face until you feel your ears moving backwards. And there you have it 🙂

Now do this when you feel sad. Do this when you feel like crying. Do this when you don’t have a thing in the world to smile about. Do this while you’re reading this blog, because I know a lot of you are saying “I thought she said she wasn’t going to post a bunch of nonsense stuff?” Okay so I lied… a little.

But seriously, smiling when you don’t feel like it will eventually become a habit. You may find that after smiling for a few minutes a few times a day, your mind will actually find something to smile about on it’s own…

Can you feel the cheese yet? 😉

© 2013 Learus Ohnine


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