Work and Romance: Can they mix?

Would you date someone who works at your job? I always get mixed answers when I ask this question. Most of the answers I get are all based around an office cliché that you should never date someone at your job, well, just because you should never date someone at your job. Period. That was the most common answer coming from those whom have had failed romances involving a fellow coworker. It is as if they have dismissed all the factual reasons behind why their romance really did not turn out as they hoped it would, and instead have opted for the easiest most blameless rational they could think of: you should never date someone at your job.  Each individual had their own rationale behind why dating should not be something that happens in within the work environment, and their rationales make sense. While I can respect their perspectives, I have my own opinions that are in opposition as to why I do not agree with some of their rationales, like:

It does not look professional when you date someone who works at your job

Who says the entire staff has to know? Whatever you do in your personal life does not have to broadcasted across the office floor.  Nobody has to know your business. A romance involves two people, not every name listed on the payroll system, and you do not need their approval to make it happen.

If the romance falls apart, it will be difficult to work next to the other person

Not necessarily. If this is a true concern, bring it to the forefront in the beginning of the romance and discuss how the two of you will address the situation should it ever occur. A majority of beginning work-related romances do not think of the future in terms of “the end” anyway, so it would be in the best interest of both individuals involved to be aware of the impact a breakup will have on each other if the romance were to dissolve.

A romance between coworkers is doomed from the start just because they work together

I cannot understand why. Whatever your partner does behind your back, he/she will do it regardless of whether or not you two work at the same job. Whatever actions a person does when they think no one is watching, be it good or bad, is done because it is a part of their character. If your partner is a dishonest person,  they will be that way no matter where they work at. If your partner is an honest person, they will be that way no matter where they work at. Both partners should be clear and precise on boundaries (if any), what they have to offer, what they expect in return, and what they will and will not tolerate. This is standard issue in any romance.

All in all, I personally think any romance can work regardless of where it originates. When two people decided to join together, no influence can tear their union apart unless they allow it. The same principle applies when two people decide to separate; no influence can bind that union back together again unless they allow it. It is all a matter of choice.

With that being said, I do not think anyone can help with whom they fall in love with and should not be penalized for it because of a cliche.

Agree or disagree?


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