A friend of mine told me some very disturbing news today. They have to go to a funeral tomorrow. A friend of theirs was shot dead,at point blank range, at the age of 25. Apparently, this friend was a “playboy”, “player”, or whatever term these young people use these days to describe a guy who just cannot keep his dick in his pants no matter how hard he tries.

The whole disturbing part about this news is that this is not the first time this has happened to one of his/her friends. The deceased all have one thing in common: they are gigolos.

Okay so maybe the term “gigolo” is so outdated and old-fashioned that it makes no sense to even try to revive the word, but its the best reference I know to describe the circumstances behind why these people are forever gone. The term has about as much of a chance of reviving itself as do the people who lost their lives already because of this lifestyle.

So why am I writing this blog about it?
Because I needed to vent my disgust in the meaning behind the term itself.

Maybe I have to be a man to understand this, but I really cannot see what is the point in hoping from woman’s bed to another, simultaneously, and somehow this is supposed to be… uh… fun?

I just cannot see the logic in it. And neither could the outraged spouse of the woman who caught her cheating with my friend’s dead friend. Obviously, her husband must of felt the same way, and his first thought was there was no need to discuss the matter, for he let the trigger do all the speaking on his behalf.

I cannot imagine a time in my life, thus far, when I have been so emotionally distraught where I wanted to kill someone. Never. I may have joked about it, but never literally.

Then again, we can never say never…

As for the dead friend, supposedly he knew what he was up against when he started fooling around with this woman and gambled his life away in spite of what he knew. He knew the woman had a husband who was basically a maniac. Maniacs do not handle emotions well. Look at the end result of this affair gone out of control and that explains what I am trying to say.

But for now, I just want to know… what is the big deal about cheating? To me, it seems its risks outweigh any benefits that can be gained from it. Maybe not all affairs come to a tragic end such as this one did, but there is still that chance of crossing a point of no return in so many ways.

My opinion to those that enjoy cheating–why not leave the person you’re with and just get it over with? Or is it that having more than one lover provides a sense of security?

I guess some things are just not meant to be understood…

© 2013 Learus Ohnine


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