For The Men (Ladies, Do Not Read This)

Men, you are going to have to stop reading into everything we women say and do, and starting taking us for face-value. When you add on extra words to ours, do NOT complain about how complicated we women when you have just added fuel to the fire. Just accept the fact that maybe, JUST maybe, we women are much easier to get along with than you give us credit for.

If you want to understand us, try LISTENING to us for a start! We tell you everything you need to know about us from the beginning, and if you choose to ignore the facts, that is not our problem. There is no need to struggle with understanding how our minds work. If your woman seems confused, she probably is. She’s probably confused trying to figure out why you are still confused about what she means even after she has broken everything down into simple terms. She is not doing this to insult your intelligence; she is trying to make life with you as easy as possible to cut down on any chance for misunderstandings to occur later down the line.

Also, do not think for one second she does not want to understand you too. You guys are not as easy to read as you may think you are. Speak to her when you do not understand something she said or did. Ask her if she needs your help when you see her struggling to find the right words to say. But under no circumstances, do not assume you are reading her correctly. Make sure you are on the right track. And for Heaven’s sake, DO NOT TALK OVER HER WHILE SHE IS TALKING! Keep doing this and you will find yourself in the middle of a heated argument– dazed, confused, and getting nowhere.

Another bad habit that needs to stop is telling your woman “we’ll talk about this later” when she’s expressing herself. Do you turn off the television during the final quarter of the Superbowl game and say “I’ll watch this later”? Remember, she notices everything about you, including how you hold your attention towards anything you feel is important to you until the very end. Saying you want to put her off until later will register in her mind that she is not important enough to you for you to give you undivided attention to.

Oh, and by the way, it is pointless to go out looking for a replacement for her. We women are all pretty much wired the same anyway, so you might as well work it out with the one you are with.


© 2013 Learus Ohnine



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