Break Time

I am taking a break from writing about the social terrorist for a while. I am doing this for several reasons, but the main one is because this topic actually creeps me out. I have had several encounters with sociopaths throughout both my profession and personal life. I have studied them extremely well and have learned quite a bit about how their minds operate from their own confessions. In all honesty, I have learned more than I have ever cared to know.

In order for me to write these articles on them, I need to recall the events that have transpired from my experiences. That can be incredibly painful to dig up memories that were deliberately forgotten. Doing so has started to affect me in a way I cannot describe, and seeing as I have to deal with these people in my profession, it is not a wise idea to let writing these articles affect my concentration since I have to interact with them on a daily basis.

I do not wish to disclose my profession for anonymity purposes. I really do love my profession, however, it can be emotionally draining at times. The draining part comes in when I have to listen to account after account of the tales of horror from the victims themselves, and for some reason during this time of year every year, there seems to be more and more victims coming forth.

So for those of you who are following the social terrorist articles, I promise to get back to them shortly. As for now, my mind needs to take a break in order for me to get my head back together.

Thanks for understanding.


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