Insanity: Stop The Drama!

What is the definition of insanity? No need to go looking up an “official” definition of the word. We all already know what it is…because we all do it.




Just like Mr. Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Think about it. That one friend or lover that keeps “taking a dump” on your head;  you still accept their apology (if any), continue on with associating with them, then complain about how insane they are when they do the same thing again. We cannot legitimately say the offender is the one who is insane, for they get the same results they were expecting to get out of us every time. But what about the offended? What sense does it make for the offended to expect a different result out of an offender when they are known for being repetitiously offensive?









A person can only do as much to you as you let them do to you, so…don’t you think it’s time for YOU to stop being insane??


© 2013 Learus Ohnine




8 thoughts on “Insanity: Stop The Drama!

  1. Yes, we split 8/9 months ago…… after police kicked him out (he then spent a week street homeless)….. then it was a summer of – nightmares really, police involvement etc, I looked up compulsive liar…. and found sociopath, and there he was. Ticked every single box. He is a charismatic one though – he got me thousands into debt, almost lost my home, I did lose my job… (of 10 years). Its been quite some journey. Today, we are in a different space. He does still have his psycho narcissistic rages and psycho meltdowns of control…. i tell him, stop being a psycho. And he does apologise. (after the meltdown)… It was crazy – from start to finish everything was a lie, deception, fake jobs, faked his ex was dying of cancer (he stretched that one out for months)…. would fake jobs to the extent of leaving the house every day, spending the day in the library. Ah …. it was ridiculous. To be fair, he has learned why he does what he does, and today, we get on ok. We still row. He does still do ‘psycho’….. He knows about my blog too (well he had hacked my facebook/emails phones etc) I find it interesting. My background is 27 years working with homeless people. Working in hostels, I watched people go round and round the system. Also counselling. Maybe that makes me more understanding? I don’t know…. I would run though if he was sadistic or distempered. (I have been with one of those too), or if he made me feel bad about me. 🙂


    • Oh I know what you mean about the “psycho” episodes, and I do believe they know what they’re doing when they have these. They have learned in the past that throwing these silly fits gets attention. The attention they receive when they throw these fits is their reward.

      Are you sure he is not along the lines of having BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)? It kind of sounds like it..


      • I did think about BPD but there is a lot of that that he isn’t. Whilst with sociopathy, he does everything. He didn’t cheat, but Robert Hare has said that this isn’t a factor anyway. Some do, some don’t. He did it all, lies, deception, charismatic, superficial, he has no fear at all, has done the ruining, smear campaigns, caused mass destruction for no reason at all. just because he could. threats to my work, police, anyone really – I cant think of anything he didn’t do. stalking harassment, yelling outside my house, hacking into facebook email, then threatening me with my private information, compulsive pathological liar, (he even obtained money by pretending his own daughter was dying) fake calls in front of people (setting his alarm for phone to ring) – sent horrific malicious emails to people about me, with a thread of truth….the list goes on and on…. he was so smooth and charming…. to get money…. he stole really treasured things (belonging to my dead daughter) honestly the list goes on…… loads that he isn’t with bpd, there isn’t anything that he isn’t with sociopath.


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