Budget Cuts: Reductions In All The Wrong Places

The United States’ national debt, currently standing at $16.394 trillion, makes the U.S. rank as having the largest debt for a single country. As Americans struggle to survive while living in one of the worse economic periods in the country’s history, there’s not much hope for a future sign of relief. While budget cuts may prove to be a solution in helping the United States stabilize the economy financially in order to create a better country for its citizens to live in, cutting them in the imperative areas of our economy may very well open doors to more unforeseen problems that could potentially backfire.

According to the February 2013 report from the Congressional Budget Office, the funds for social security benefits are in danger of being exhausted sooner than the original anticipated date of 2033 in accordance with last year’s report. The Social Security Board of Trustees have reported that the deteriorating funds are due to the extended lifespan of Americans, higher energy prices, the increased number of Baby Boomers soon to retire, and the dilatory rebuilding of the United States’ economy, making the future exceedingly grim for those over the age of 65 years who are trying to survive.

The U.S. Postmaster, General Patrick Donahoe, announced that he will order Saturday letter delivery service to cease beginning in August 2013 in order to help offset the department’s $15.9 billion deficit in 2012 and its projected $18.2 billion loss in 2015. For those Americans who still rely on their supplemental income checks to be delivered via mailman, this may pose several complications for them should their anticipated arrival date happen to fall on the weekends.

Police departments across America are resorting to dramatic budget cuts resulting in a reduction of officers on the force to help serve and protect in some of the most highest crime-ridden locations such as Detroit, MI., Los Angeles, CA., and Camden, NJ. In cities such as Oakland, Tulsa, and Norton, MA. police departments have adopted limitations on their service policies, which include forcing residents to file their own reports online for less serious crimes and implementing either longer than usual delays or no response at all to reported crimes such vandalism, fraud, and car theft.

With a combined reduction in employment, protection, and future security due to drastic budget cuts in these areas, what does that spell for the fate of the American people as time moves on?


Maybe the Mayans were right after all…

© 2013 Learus Ohnine


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