Tag You’re It Award

Thank you, Shaun 🙂

The rules.

1.  Post a picture of the award on your blog

2.  Tagback the person who tagged you to let them know you’ve accepted the award.

3.  11 facts about you.

4.  Answer the 11 questions I’ve asked you.

5.  Tag the same amount of people as their are letters in your name.

6.  Ask your OWN 11 questions to the people you’ve tagged.

7.  Contact the people you’ve tagged to let them know they’ve been tagged.

11 Things about Learus Ohnine

As much as I would love to sit here and write about myself, that’s just not me. I rarely, if ever, write anything about myself. With that being said, I will narrow the list down to 6 items as follows:

1. I love helping people…

2. I enjoy just about everything there is from A to Z, as long as it brings joy, peace, and harmony into the world…

3. I try each day to be a better person than I was yesterday…

4. I love to write…

5. I always regret when I do not have enough time to spend as much as I would like to for reading and commenting on all of your blogs…

6. While I sincerely appreciate and give thanks ahead of time to anyone who kindly thinks of me when choosing their nominations for an award, I may not always have the time to respond. Please understand it’s nothing personal 🙂

11 Questions to ask/answer:

(I’m just going to combine questions and answers into one…)

1. What is your favourite colour? All of them…

2. Where have you been to in the world, away from your country? Maybe…

3. If you had a time machine where would you go and why? Never really thought about it…

4. What food do you love most? I will try anything once…

5. What is your favourite TV show? Don’t have one…

6. Who is your favourite Actor? Don’t have one of these, either…

7. When was the last time you were in Hospital (No reasons needed) Not sure…

8. When did you 1st fall in live, if not, when would you like to? Hmm, something to think about for sure…

9. Do you understand String Theory? Sure…

10. Where IS Waldo? Who is Waldo…?

11. What type/make of Mobile phone do you have? Good question… 😉

Remember to add your own 11 questions when handing this out. I had none to answer. 

Add as many people as there are letters in your name, so 11 people get this award.

Yes, I know I’ve narrowed it down to only 10, but what can I say. I wrote the reasons why I nominated each one; does that count for something?  😉

  1. http://datingasociopath.com/ (Very informative, thank you for speaking out about your experiences!)
  2. http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/ (Love your expression!)
  3. http://clearlywriting.wordpress.com/ (Funny! And gives great advice…)
  4. http://crazybunny66.wordpress.com/ (Too funny!)
  5. http://shadowedinmoonlight.wordpress.com/ (Love the poetry!)
  6. http://journeyofthankfulness.wordpress.com/ (Day 90, awesome!)
  7. http://thoughtscascade.wordpress.com/ (Definitely a realist!)
  8. http://dmgreen2013.wordpress.com/ (Love the political views!)
  9. http://thebookybunhead.wordpress.com/ (For the love of classical music…!)
  10. http://toemail.wordpress.com/ (A reminder to take each day one “step” at a time…!)

Okay so I broke the rules a little bit. To all those nominated, please accept this award and have fun with it… and remember: if you cannot accept, I totally understand  🙂

Remember to tag the same amount of people in numbers, as you have in your first and last name.


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