Dream Catchers… or Crushes?

Let’s face it: we’ve all had a crush on a celebrity at least once at any given point in our lives. Those precious moments when we find ourselves drifting away into a fantasy world of how romantic it would be if we were the love of our idol’s life are priceless. These fantasies make us feel so motivated, so important, and so inspired about life in general. Unfortunately, it’s that rude awakening of when reality sets in is when we realize our fantasy could never happen. Or could it?

A 14-year-old high school student, who went by the last name of Beaulieu, realized her infatuation with her celebrity crush could not go ignored any longer. While frequently attending an entertainment venue called “The Eagle Club” located in Wiesbaden, Germany, she met a man who claimed to be close friends with an old army buddy of this celebrity. Her intense attraction gave her the courage to ask this friend to introduce them. This ambitious fan managed to gain her parents permission to attend a party hosted by this celebrity. On that night in 1959, the star-struck teenager definitely struck her a star. This celebrity was so mesmerized by this fan that he wanted to start dating her immediately. Instant mutual passion started a romance between these two, but with 17 chart-topping songs and 4 hit movies under his belt, the young 9th-grade fan gave up all hope that she would ever become “the one”. In 1966, Elvis Presley proved Priscilla Beaulieu wrong when he proposed to her shortly before Christmas of that year.

In 1978, the 16-year-old Ms. Palzis had just finished shooting a scene in a film when she noticed a poster for the promotion of a 1950’s-style musical. Immediately, this model/actress knew she was going to marry the man who played the leading role. As with all hollywood insider connections, pursuing this actor/singer/dancer would be extremely easy for her. While both of them were on the set of the film “The Experts”, this future Golden Globe Award winner secretly wished to make Ms. Palzis his wife, but was reluctant to tell her because she was already married. A few years later, the two met again. This time, he refused to miss his chance. By the fall of 1991, Ms Kelly Palzis-Preston became Mrs. John Joseph Travolta.

In the mid 1980’s, this Toledo-born teenager had a major crush on this New Yorker from the moment she laid eyes on him while he played the role of a Naval aviator in one of the highest grossing films of the decade. She later went on to pursue her idol after starting her own acting career, making public declarations of her crush on this multiple Golden Globe Award winner. By April 2005, Katie Holmes’ mission became very possible when she met Tom Cruise on the set of “Mission: Impossible 3”, followed by their engagement just eight weeks later.

Lesson learned? Never say never…

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14 thoughts on “Dream Catchers… or Crushes?

  1. Unfortunately both Priscilla Beaulieu and Katie Holmes’ turned out to be the “Proverbial Golddigger” who ended up divorcing their celebrity husbands but not his money. While Kelly Palzis-Preston’ penchant for playing marital musical chairs – a penchant of far too many women – has led to an ever growing number of men to eschew marriage and intimate relationships with women altogether; in order to avoid “Marital Fraud” and being “Financially Raped” in a divorce they neither want nor deserve.


    • I agree its a sad thing when marriage turns into divorce, but I somehow can’t help think these men could of protected their assets better if they really wanted to. Plus, there’s always two sides to every divorce story. These men may not be as innocent as they seem…


      • Re: These men may not be as innocent as they seem…

        I’ve had a ringside seat to the game of “Marital Musical Chairs” my entire life in my own family and over the years learned the hard way that the fault usually lies with the woman and not her husband unless it is a clear cut case of adultery. My own mother has been officially married nine times – twice to one man – and lived with another and always – to her at least – had as good a reason to divorce as she did to marry in the first place.


          • Actually it only takes one person to start an argument and the vast majority of the arguments I’ve seen in my family – throughout my lifetime – were started by women who didn’t get their way.


          • I only deal in reality and the reality is that women are not the innocent angels they claim to be nor are men the depraved devils women claim they are. My own mother tried to justify her own immorality by blaming my father – it took years for me to see past her deception and ultimately it led me to end my relationship with her.


  2. Dreaming is necessary it knocks down walls and carries us outside of our box. However, I don’t know that I believe that marrying our crushes, (no matter how unattainable they may be) is attaining a dream. Dreams are meant to help us find ourselves. They are meant to help us not put limits on our lives. These women all married the men of their dreams, but I sincerely hope this was not their only dream.


  3. Today in the US 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The old saying “marry in haste, repent at leisure” is quite true.

    Too many people marry in a heated passion, but find that they have nothing in common except lust. Neither party is able to be the emotionally mature individual that will make a marriage work.

    Celebrities have some of the worst records of marriage and divorce. Much higher than the 50% rate of the rest of the country.

    The commenter who mentioned that his mother had married 9 times is a good example of someone who does not have the maturity to either pick a good partner nor to stay in a marriage. If a person consistently picks bad people to marry, they need to step back and find out what is wrong with THEM that they keep on making the same mistake over and over.

    We can’t change others, we can only change ourselves. It takes two committed people in order for a marriage to work. My marriage ended with the death of my husband, he was my best friend. Did we agree on everything, heck no! But we respected each other, liked each other, and worked together so that both of us got our needs met in the union. I was married once before, and that marriage failed due to my husband’s mental illness, that I could not have predicted before I married him. I didn’t remarry for 7 years and I married a man I had known for 20 years, so I knew what kind of man he was and vice versa.

    One of my sons married a gal he met on the internet and I knew from the first time I met her she was a gold digger, but he married her hardly knowing her. Seven years later she went to prison for trying to kill him, after having stolen $50K from my mother, she and her boyfriend decided it was much better to kill her husband (my son) than to divorce him. Fortunately their plot failed and they were both arrested. Her BF had a long criminal history including sex abuse of children and had spent a good deal of time in prison for his crimes.

    After his wife was arrested my son said to me, “Mom, you are a prophet” and I said “no, Son, but I have some experience in life about people and can usually spot a dishonest one.”


    • Thank you so much for sharing your opinions and your story. So glad your son is okay. Your recollection of your son’s ordeal would fall perfectly under the “The Sociopath: A Social Terrorist” category listed on this site. Experience is the best teacher, in some cases…


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