Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

There’s a difference between knowing the truth, telling the truth, and knowing when to tell the truth. Apparently for Snowden, there was a fine line between all those differences. His intention to inform those of what he felt they needed to know verses his pledge of secrecy to the U.S. government for what he wished he didn’t know has taken a drastic turn for the worse on his behalf and the behalf of the whole world; all because he told the truth. While Snowden had something very important to say, the government had something very important to hide.

The United States is going to hold Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, accountable for espionage whether he likes it or not. Running halfway around the world, being detained at Moscow’s Sheremedevo International Airport because his passport has been cancelled, and desperately pleading to 27 countries to be granted political asylum does not change the fact that he is guilty of leaking classified documentation about U.S. surveillance programs; a huge no-no as far as the U.S. officials are concerned.

So what’s the hold up on getting this guy granted his asylum? The problem with every country that Snowden has applied for asylum to has to consider whether or not taking in a fugitive will jeopardize the economic relationship each one has with the United States. Venezuela made $56 billion last year off of exports and imports between the United States and is the country’s fourth largest supplier of imported crude oil. Bolivia made close to $2.4 billion last year in exports and imports with the United States. Not only did Nicaragua earned more than $3.8 billion last year in exports and imports between the United States, but the United States also gives Nicaragua special trade preferences.

Would Snowden be considered a hero or a traitor? No matter where the guy seeks his safe haven, there’s going to be a “cause and effect” with the way that nation does business with the United States, which will eventually have another domino effect on our economy that we’ll have to deal with. On the other hand, what he did actually opened the eyes of a lot of Americans still wondering why hasn’t anyone done anything about the sex-trafficking issue if all means of telecommunications are supposedly being “watched”. However, in the words of Edward Snowden himself: “I am neither a traitor nor a hero. I’m an American.”

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11 thoughts on “Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

  1. I think the country is split down the middle on whether he is a hero or a traitor…I know even as an individual I see both sides of this issue. The government was spying on Americans, tapping the phones of the “free” press and he exposed these things.

    Nixon was drummed out of office for essentially the same thing, and yet few if any voices have said “Impeach Obama” but in my mind he and Nixon are one and the same. The IRS scandal in addition.

    Snowden, I think, from what I have read, thinks of himself as a patriot, and he put his neck on the line to do what he thought was right.

    Yes, he violated his “oath” but when we are aware of crimes against our laws and constitution, are we not OBLIGATED to tell the world? A wife or husband takes an oath at the time of the wedding to accept their partner “for better or worse” but if a partner is engaged in crimes, I still believe it is the DUTY of the other party to call the law and expose them, even though the law doesn’t require this exposure of a criminal spouse and the spouse cannot be compelled to do so, but if you were married to John Wayne Gacy and found what he was doing, God’s laws, if not man’s laws, I think, would compel you to disclose his crimes to the authorities. In this case, the “authorities” were the ones violating the rules of our constitution.

    The price he will pay is very high though.


    • I get what you’re saying, and I’m glad you brought up the Nixon issue. The government have been spying for years. YEARS! This shouldn’t be news to any of us. I sure hate that he has to be punished for telling the truth. What we need is someone to oversee the law!

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. If the authorities are not bound to follow the laws they enforce then neither are citizens bound to obey or respect that same law. The criminal acts committed by agents of the US govt. – in my view – out right nullified the secrecy agreement Snowden was required to sign and abide by.

    Re: On the other hand, what he did actually opened the eyes of a lot of Americans still wondering why hasn’t anyone done anything about the sex-trafficking issue if all means of telecommunications are supposedly being “watched”.
    Perhaps the claims feminists have regarding this issue doesn’t quite measure up to reality. Feminists – after all – are well known for fudging evidence and making wild accusations that upon closer scrutiny that just don’t measure up.


    • I think its a matter of the government exposing what they want to expose. Anything that is a threat to their political positions of power or undermines their own personal sanctions is red flagged as “threat” to them. Everything else doesn’t matter.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. This man has RUINED his own life to inform the World about how EVIL and CORRUPT the US Government has become. He had no personal gain to do this. He did it because it was the right thing to do.
    I am Scottish, and people say “American stuff has nothing to do with you” Sadly it does, America Sneezes we all get a cold.

    He is a HERO in my eyes..
    He may die, his family are in Danger and may die.
    The other lad who was blown up in his car, 100% killed.
    Reporting REAL NEWS in the USA is no banned so it seems.
    What Snowden done was tell what we all already knew!!
    He just confirmed it..

    Great Blog!


  4. I wish I had more confidence in our government and our elected officials. I live in a southern county which is totally CROOKED, with pay offs, bad door deals, and officials that enrich themselves at the cost of the people who elected them.

    It’s a simple thing, but look at the medical and retirement benefits that congress has versus medicare and social security….and if what they are giving us is so good, why don’t they enjoy the same privileges we do? LOL

    Look at Weiner and those of his ilk that are moral dwarfs and yet they are so arrogant and feel so entitled that they want high paying and powerful jobs and have NO SHAME, and apparently no remorse. How many public officials live like kings when the rest of the US is hurting. Look at the tens of MILLIONS of dollars Michelle Obama has spent on vacations since she has been living in public housing….and yet she puts a garden in on the White House lawn and grows $2 worth of food and she’s some kind of Hero….??? How about my grandson who is in the Army, if his wife didn’t work they would qualify for food stamps, but even that program is being cut.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m not a republican, or a democrat, I’m a “Thomas Jeffersonian” and will write in his name for president. LOL He may have had a slave mistress, but at the same time he balanced the federal budget.


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