The Promise of Summer

Out of the 4 seasons of the year, summer is the one that seems to be the most anticipated. Families plan memorable vacations to unknown or familiar territories. Those working within the construction, landscaping, or any of the outdoor-related occupations are sure to have big smiles throughout the entire duration of the season as favorable weather permits them to line their pockets with extra cash. Many teachers look forward to taking that long paid break from the classroom, while students from all educational levels have a chance to either get ahead on their studies or catch up on what they’ve already missed throughout the previous school year.

There’s a psychological transformation that takes place with the anticipation of the upcoming summer months each year, usually right after the winter holidays. Most of us begin an exercise regimen that puts us in a frame of mind to achieve a desired physique by the time we want to wear our favorite summer outfits. Financial preparation for our vacation expenses normally begins anywhere from weeks to months after the previous summer season is over or prior to the new one beginning. This could mean anywhere from picking up a second job or to adhering to a tighter budget plan. Students spend more time studying during the final semester before summer begins in order to eliminate having to use a majority of their time off in summer school. Depending on one’s occupation, refresher courses help with the transition back into the workforce or courses are completed with the sole purpose of qualifying for a promotion.

So what about the lessons learned from summers of the past? Those annoying flight layovers at the airport on the way to a vacation destination can be used to one’s advantage with just a little imagination and careful scheduling coordination. While speaking of imagination, exploring various indoor facilities for entertainment and enjoyment ahead of time can offset disappointment when the summer weather does not always turn as favorable as expected to enjoy the outdoors. Deciding which goals are most important can help free up a lot more time in order to get the most out of summer fun, such as deciding whether or not catching each and every episode of your favorite nighttime drama television series at the moment it airs is more important than spending that time taking a much needed night class at your local community college instead of having to take it over the summer months.

No matter how we choose to spend our time, our money, or utilize our resources, there’s nothing like entering the summer months psychologically prepared to enjoy it to its fullest.

©2013 Learus Ohnine


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