Adolescence and Violence

Raising a child in this day and age can be stressful. Most parents concern themselves with protecting their children from the harmful elements that may endanger their child’s physical growth, such as keeping current with vaccinations, proper nutritional planning, and instructing exemplary hygiene practices. Taking a child’s physical well-being seriously is commendable, however, it will not guarantee a child’s healthy state of mind. Children need to be protected from exposure to the more potentially dangerous influences in their environment that can easily be misconstrued as harmless.

Television and video games, a popular form of entertainment among adolescent males and females today, may appear to be harmless at first, but they most certainly do have some sort of negative impact on a child’s psychological health, especially if the theme focuses on the complexity of violence. Television programs today do not contain the same censored quality as the programs of yesterday once had. As time moves on, the level of violence seen in these programs have become exceedingly more violent, more vulgar, and more corrupt as this seems to be what generates the highest ratings.

Video games allow the players to become one with their characters with more hands-on interaction than television offers. However, becoming one with a character whose goal is to successfully conquer a series of violent scenarios by using violent techniques in order to win runs a risk of programming a child’s mind to believe the most effective way to win in life is by the use of violence.

Some say the solution to preventing exposure to violent mediums is by monitoring what a child is exposed to. While this method may be effective to some degree, it is not a sound proof method to the fullest. Internet access has parental control loopholes where children can easily slip through restrictions to gain access to violent video games, movies, and television programs. While one parent may show great concern for the content their child has access to, another parent may not. Children sharing violent resources amongst their peers has become a common method of ensuing the circulation of violent content.

Is there any hope in the discovery of a method to prevent adolescences from being exposed to violence? One option that may be most effective is to set the example. Since children do indeed learn by example, we as adults must consider our own behaviors before we can address theirs. The slightest detail that we may overlook as influential may have a profound impact on any psychological wars our children face when managing the right choices for their own behaviors.

©2013 Learus Ohnine


4 thoughts on “Adolescence and Violence

  1. I think part of the problem with adolescents is that it has been shown repeatedly in various researches that they pay much more attention to what their peers think than they do to what their parents think.

    The little girl who passed out at the party and was raped by a couple of guys on the football team and their “friends” took pictures and videos of the rape and laughed and posted their laughter on Youtube…she wasn’t a bad girl, just an unwise one and her bad decision to go against what her parents had tried to teacher her led to her rape and humiliation…and what’s worse is the football coach tried to cover it up…and the judge treated these young men like juveniles rather than the brazen criminal psychopaths that they are.

    The human brain doesn’t mature until about age 25, so judgement is poor until about that age, and young people make poor decisions and choices that let them become prey to those human predators out in our world, and those with a tendency for predation have their desires honed by the viiolence in the media.

    And besides, why should a 14 year old boy from the hood study hard to get a high school diploma so he can work at a McDonald’s for minimum wage which won’t support him, when he can drop out of school, and sell a few drugs for several hundred bucks a day…and all his friends are doing it, and he feels really cool and grown up with his machine pistol.


    • Yes, I do agree a lot of the influence on adolescent behavior stems from peer pressure. The more pressure, the more one’s will is broken. Critical thinking skills get overridden by natural survival instincts, thereby eventually giving in to the peer pressure in order to “fit in”. That’s how the gateway opens, and in goes the good along with the bad.

      Thanks for sharing your comment, and thanks for reading. 🙂


  2. Learus, I love your blog, and I think you are an “especially deep thinker”…(that means you usually agree with me!) LOL


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