Furry People

Pet ownership can be a gratifying experience with its many underlying purposes as to why people become owners. The mutual bonding, the companionship, and the experience of feeling what it’s like to be a caretaker all play important parts in the duration of relationship between pet and its owner. Most pet owners choose the pets they wish to care for based on their ability to care for the pet, the functions of the pet, and some may even purchase a pet based on their own personality or that of the pet itself.

While some become pet owners just for the purpose of having a lovable little furry friend around the house, some become owners to fulfill a much needed deeper psychological desire to transform their pet into a furry human being. For example, for those who cannot bear children, pet ownership makes a wonderful replacement when the probability of parenting a child is not likely or at all possible. In this situation, the owner cares for the pet as if the pet were a human being. They may buy throw birthday parties for their pet every year, they may call themselves “mommy” or “daddy”, and some may buy their pets products that were strictly designed for human use only, such as pacifiers, McDonald’s happy meals, etc.

Another case scenario may be the pet owner who disdains the idea of having children due to their own personal contempt for them in general, yet they still want to nurture something lifelike that does not resemble a child but will return the love and affection they desire from their role as a caretaker. Regardless of the fact caring for a pet can start out being just as time-consuming as it is in caring for a child, this particular type of pet owner will feel as if their responsibility as caretaker is more fun than work as a child will demand more attention and need more supervision. Also, pet owners of this type may suffer from other psychological issues stemming from their own childhood and would rather refrain from the presence of children in their life altogether, however, they do like the idea of feeling needed and wanted – something a pet will give unconditionally.

Whatever the reason a pet owner may have for substituting a pet for a child, one thing is for certain: there will never be a shortage of human beings in this world, so no worries on contributing more to masses.

©2013 Learus Ohnine