Hollywood, Politically Speaking…

Celebrities often have to be extremely careful of what they say, what they do, and how they react when interacting with the public. The slightest well-meaning act of kindness or opinionated compliment can be easily blown out of proportion by the public eye, who is constantly watching their every move and quick to scrutinize their analysis. The voice of a celebrity is so powerfully influential on the public that it’s no wonder why marketing companies scramble like mad to get a high-prolific celebrity to endorse a specific product. The market place seems to be a common place for opinionated endorsements by celebrities, but what about when it comes to politics? Should there be a thin line that separates Hollywood and “Washington”? Celebrities such as Shirley Temple, Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all tested this hypothesis by crossing over that thin line, making major contributions to society beyond the entertainment level of the silver screen.

Shirley Temple, America’s favorite dimpled-faced child star in the 1930’s, was appointed as a United States delegate to the 24th United Nations General Assembly in 1969 by President Richard Nixon, appointed as the United States Ambassador to Ghana by President Gerald R. Ford, appointed as the first female “Chief of Protocol of the United States” in 1976, and later appointed as the U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia by President George H. W. Bush. She was in charge of all State Department ceremonies, including coordinating the inauguration ceremonial protocols for President Jimmy Carter.

Ronald W. Reagan, and American radio, film, and television star, was inaugurated as the 40th President of the United States in 1981, serving two consecutive terms. Prior to his presidential victory, he served as California’s 33rd governor. During his first term, President Reagan was best known for his “Reaganomics” policy, which included reducing taxes, government spending, and inflation all in an effort to help boost the economy and control the money supply. During his second term, he focused primarily on foreign matters, including putting an end to the Cold War.

American director, producer, and former television and film actor Clint Eastwood entered the world of politics when he endorsed President Richard Nixon’s presidential campaigns both in 1968 and 1972. Labeling himself as a “liberal on civil rights”, his numerous endorsements influenced remarkable changes within the most prominent movements during that era such as the Equal Rights Amendment for women, pro-choice abortion, and same-sex marriages. In 1986, he was elected as mayor of his hometown, Carmel-by-the-Sea in California.

Eastwood’s impressive political views were supported by yet another Hollywood film actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appointed Eastwood to the California Film Commission after he himself became elected as the 38th Governor of the state of California in 2003. Nicknamed “The Governator”, Republican Governor Schwarzenegger expressed his political views quite differently than most other Hollywood celebrities of whom were reputed as having liberal or democratic stances on political issues. The Governor spent a majority of his time focusing on global-warming issues, and the other part of his time (as he called it) “behaving badly.” In 2010, a group called the “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington” considered Schwarzenegger to be one of 11 “worst governors” in the U.S.

Conclusively, Hollywood has proved that it can have a positive influence on the political aspect of society. However, the effectiveness of this influence does not solely rely on the strength of that popular voice that speaks; it’s moreover how the weight of that political power is utilized is what gives the celebrity their influence.

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The U.S. Government Shutdown: Whose Fault Is It?

Imagine you are kidnapped – you are held hostage against your will by a belligerent abductor who threatens to kill you unless they receive everything they are demanding in exchange for preserving your life. Your fate lies in the hands of the negotiator, who then refuses your abductor’s demands, and in turn, kills you themselves. Prior to your murder, your abductor did proclaim to the negotiator of their intent to kidnap a hostage long time ago, yet the negotiator did nothing about this warning to stop this from literally happening.

Now imagine the entire United States of America being held hostage by a committee comprised of 535 law makers whose congressional position would not have been possible if it were not for them being voted into their appointed seats by the U.S. citizens themselves. Unfortunately, this congressional committee cannot seem to collaborate on pertinent issues that are supposed to be made in the best interest of the country as a whole. Ironically due to this committee’s poor negotiating skills, the fate of the country soon begins to quickly plummet on a downward spiral by the very same people whom the citizens have willingly chosen to represent them.

Both analogies describe what the current U.S. government shutdown is really all about. One side of the congressional table, or the predominately-Republican House of Representatives, wants to have their way by insisting their own budget plan will work out for bailing the United States out of $17 trillion in debt by dismantling President Obama’s health care reform law, while the other side of the congressional table, the predominately-Democratic Senate, will not agree nor negotiate the idea of altering anything pertaining to the Affordable Care Act. Since Congress could not pass a budget by the October 1st deadline, shutting down the government was the only alternative left for them to do until a compromised can be reached by both sides.

In the meantime, as of October 1st, approximately 800,000 federal employees will not be paid, however, 1.4 million active-duty military personnel will get paid but may not receive their paychecks when they anticipate to receive them. Food programs that provide nutritional vouchers to low-income pregnant women and mothers with children up to age 5 will not be funded. All Smithsonian museums, zoos, national parks and monuments (this includes the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the National Mall, and the Statue of Liberty) will be closed. And as if this wasn’t bad enough, Senior Service Programs such as “Meals on Wheels” which provides food to thousands of senior citizens may not receive government funding, energy assistance and weatherization programs for the low-income families
to help them stay warm during winter months may cease to be funded, and social security and supplemental income programs may see delays in check disbursements.

The bottom line: who is really at fault for the government shutting down? Every American who voted for a congressional nominee based simply on whether or not they were a Republican or Democrat is to blame. We put those people in office, therefore, we gave them their power – power that is apparently devoid of any genuinely bona fide cofunctioning abilities, especially in a time of crisis. Only we, the voters, can prevent these politically catastrophic conditions from ever happening again by voting based on policy and NOT party.

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A “Sign” Of Ignorance


Read the article here: Judge Throws Out Atheists’ Lawsuit Against 9/11 Steel Cross


After reading this article, it is hard to believe there are people out there so selfish to only think of themselves even in the event of a national tragedy. That cross is not bothering anyone just sitting there, but instead, a group of Atheists somehow feel it is imposing upon their rights by displaying a Christian symbol in public. They claim the symbol of this cross for what it stands for is causing them severe mental and emotional stress.


Well, here’s a news flash, dear Atheists….. to solve your problem, JUST DON’T LOOK AT IT! STAY AWAY FROM THE AREA IF YOU ARE THAT UPSET BY IT! Christians don’t go wandering around near your territory for the same reason. Don’t be such a bully!

Because these Atheists have lost their lawsuit, they want to appeal the court’s decision. Another reason to waste tax payer’s money. It’s disgusting to think of how some organizations just simply want to be noticed at someone else’s expense.  I find it hard to believe the courts would even waste their time in honoring such a complaint.


Here’s another thought…. who in their right mind would protest against a historical symbol that represents the healing of those deeply wounded by a terrorist attack just because all they see it as is being is a representation of Jesus Christ? Seriously?

These Atheist would stand a better chance of filing a lawsuit against every cemetery in New York that displays a cross as a tombstone, just because it causes them mental and emotional stress every time they have to drive by it…


Just my two cents…



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For The Men (Ladies, Do Not Read This)

Men, you are going to have to stop reading into everything we women say and do, and starting taking us for face-value. When you add on extra words to ours, do NOT complain about how complicated we women when you have just added fuel to the fire. Just accept the fact that maybe, JUST maybe, we women are much easier to get along with than you give us credit for.

If you want to understand us, try LISTENING to us for a start! We tell you everything you need to know about us from the beginning, and if you choose to ignore the facts, that is not our problem. There is no need to struggle with understanding how our minds work. If your woman seems confused, she probably is. She’s probably confused trying to figure out why you are still confused about what she means even after she has broken everything down into simple terms. She is not doing this to insult your intelligence; she is trying to make life with you as easy as possible to cut down on any chance for misunderstandings to occur later down the line.

Also, do not think for one second she does not want to understand you too. You guys are not as easy to read as you may think you are. Speak to her when you do not understand something she said or did. Ask her if she needs your help when you see her struggling to find the right words to say. But under no circumstances, do not assume you are reading her correctly. Make sure you are on the right track. And for Heaven’s sake, DO NOT TALK OVER HER WHILE SHE IS TALKING! Keep doing this and you will find yourself in the middle of a heated argument– dazed, confused, and getting nowhere.

Another bad habit that needs to stop is telling your woman “we’ll talk about this later” when she’s expressing herself. Do you turn off the television during the final quarter of the Superbowl game and say “I’ll watch this later”? Remember, she notices everything about you, including how you hold your attention towards anything you feel is important to you until the very end. Saying you want to put her off until later will register in her mind that she is not important enough to you for you to give you undivided attention to.

Oh, and by the way, it is pointless to go out looking for a replacement for her. We women are all pretty much wired the same anyway, so you might as well work it out with the one you are with.


© 2013 Learus Ohnine


For The Ladies (Men, Do Not Read This)

Ladies, how many times do we have to explain to men we are not as complicated as they make us out to be? It is as if they refuse to listen to what we say and would rather analyze everything we say and do as if we are speaking in codes. True, there used to be a time when we had that reputation because it was a fact; we did speak in codes, only because when we did speak, we felt like we are not being heard. We tell a man exactly what we need to fill satisfied, and in turn, the man runs around and does everything else except for what we told them to do. Then, they look as us like WE ARE the confused ones! Hence we developed “the codes” for the sake of our own sanity.

Then, there are some of you ladies who still try to be deliberately confusing by using the “old skool” fashioned way of running circles around the guy’s head with words and phrases that even you yourself do not understand, and thinking it’s funny. Stop that. Nobody can understand you unless you are straight-forward and to the point. There is no need to confuse the guy and then say “he does not understand me”. Of course he doesn’t. Would you? Make up your mind before you speak. And please, think carefully before you make up your mind, too.

Also, do not think of your man as a “baby”. He is not a child. He can think, walk, and hopefully talk for himself. We women tend to use our mothering skills on a man, and then wonder why he cowards away in the corner. It is okay to meet his basic needs, and even spoil him once in a while, but remember you are playing with fire. If he gets too comfortable with your mothering ways, he will expect it all the time. You will have a robot out of him. The minute you change, he will change. Always treat him in a consistent, stable manner and neither one of you will be scratching your heads at the end of the day trying to figure out why you two are at each other’s throats so often.

Ladies, I hope this makes sense. Let’s stop the games.

© 2013 Learus Ohnine

Something to think about: “Walls were Made to be Broken” (part 1)

I just want to take a moment to explain this statement. The word “walls” in reference to this statement means the invisible walls we put up around our hearts and minds. If we break down the general definition of the word, a wall is basically a solid mass used in many ways to protect, to connect, to enclose, to strengthen, and to defend. Buildings are infamous for containing walls for those obvious reasons, and also because they represent a sense of permanency. However, when the term “wall” is used when pertaining to people, it still serves the same purpose as it does in the literal sense… except for the permanency part.

But let’s face it… none of us are born with walls already placed around our hearts and minds. Walls are not genetic. We put those walls up ourselves, either consciously or unconsciously, because of some sort of dilemma we were faced with at some point in our lives. Consciously, we have strategically place them in areas where we are most vulnerable in order to keep from having to face the same dilemmas again. Unconsciously, we place them in areas where we are most vulnerable also, but are only aware they are there when faced with a familiar dilemma.

How to tell the difference between a conscious wall and an unconscious one?

One obvious difference is a conscious wall is built deliberately. A conscious wall coincides with purposeful avoidance. We want to alleviate any possible chances of feeling hurt, disappointment, angry, betrayed, injured, etc., so this kind of wall protects and encloses us from getting involved in situations that we feel will result in feeling certain emotions. They serve as a constant reminder to avoid situations whose criteria spells “injury to my well-being”. An unconscious wall is one that is not deliberately built, but is more or less triggered by a familiar event where our conscious mind takes over and says “Hey wait, this seems familiar. Even though all the facts are right there that this could be a great opportunity, let’s not take this chance again because it’s better to be safe than sorry.” So basically, an unconscious wall is an oblivious defense mechanism only triggered by the familiarity of a situation connected with a past catastrophic event.

The difference between the two types of walls is… one of them was made to be broken.

Can you tell which one?

(To be continued…)

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